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The Benefits of Switching

When you switch to 123Send we’ll open the door to a new world of card payment possibilities. We’ll hunt for the best rates, offer you a contract that best meets your needs and provide the most advanced payment terminals – all at a price that fits your budget. We’ll also hold your hand until your new terminals are up and running and, after that, be on call 364 days a year if you have any difficulties.

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Unlock Better Rates

In today’s tough economic environment every penny counts, so why not give your existing deal the 123Send Health Check before you renew with your current provider– you’ll be surprised at the savings you could make.

Unlike our competitors, 123Send is independent so we can shop around for the best deal, unlocking value and savings unavailable to other companies.

We can even work with you to review your rates on a regular basis to ensure you do not miss out on any new offers that may become available.

Call our team now for a free check-up.


Call Our Team Now For a Free Check Up

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The Best Terminals - Rent or Buy

We’ve got the best card payment terminals to suit your business:


Whether you want to take payments from a fixed sales counter or while you walk around your premises, we have the terminals for you.

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On the Move

Whether you’re a tradesperson at a client’s premises, delivery service on the doorstep, or a retailer at an event, we have the technology to ensure you’re always connected and ready to take payment.

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Are you looking for an online card payment service that’s easy to set up, secure, value for money and packed with features as standard, then look no further than 123Send.

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By Phone

Many of your customers may still want to pay by phone or mail order, so our mail order/telephone order (MOTO) service ensures you don’t miss out on this important revenue stream.

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Benefit From a Flexible Contract

If you’re looking for an on-going contract, we’ll ensure you get the best deal for a term that best meets your needs. Find out more.

If it’s a short-term contract you’re after, we can provide you with a cutting-edge terminal and full support for as little as one day, and up to three months. Find out more.

Guaranteed Pain-Free Switching

We know price is important, but it’s only part of the jigsaw. We can help you switch your payment terminal or your terminal and merchant processing provider at the same time, whatever your requirements.

Changing your merchant processing provider may also be necessary if we find you better rates, but that’s no issue. It’s simple to do and we’ll hold your hand throughout the switching process to ensure it is swift and hassle free, using the experience we’ve earned over 20 years to make you happy.

Contact the 123Send team to find out how we’ll help make your switch pain-free.

How Switching Works
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Contact the 123Send Team to Find Out How We’ll Help Make Your Switch.

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Why Choose 123Send?

Our reputation is based on building excellent customer relationships. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about us… For more reasons to choose 123Send click here.