Pay By Link

Get paid online without needing a website

The more consumers go online for shopping and ordering services; the greater the demand for online payments becomes to running a successful business. Now is the time for you to start taking payments digitally.

There is no need for a website

That’s right, you can now accept payments online without needing to have a website or mobile application. All you need is access to our merchant portal, a product name or description and the price.
Our new Pay By Link services allows you to create a one-time payment link and accept card payments online without a website or any other technical platform.
It is as simple as this:

  • Apply for Pay By Link online payments service
  • Log in to our merchant portal
  • Create a payment link for your customer
  • Send them the link
  • Get paid
Get paid online
as easy as 1-2-3

Create A Link

Create a unique payment link in the  dedicated portal. This link will include the payment amount and other details you need to process the transaction


Send The Link

The payment link can then be sent to the consumer using any of the following channels: Email, SMS, Whatsapp, etc


Get Paid

Once the link has been received, it can be opened via any mobile device or desktop. Consumers simply need to enter their card details to make the payment

Start online setup

With our quick online application we can get you ready to take payments online in no time at all. Just fill in your company details and we will sort the rest

Get started

Get paid online

No website
No integration
No hassle

How it works?
Create a payment link
Click the “Create link” button, enter the payment amount and a description
Send it to your Customer
Send the link via SMS, Email or any other preferred channel
Get paid
Once the consumer receives the payment link, they can use any card to perform the payment from any mobile device or desktop. Each link can only be used once and is unique
Track payments in the merchant portal
Each payment is securely stored and tracked in your merchant cabinet
Want to know more?

We are ready to get you started online but if you have any questions, one of the team would be delighted to talk things through with you

Thank you!

We will contact you shortly

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Why 123Send

We have been around a long time, over 20 years to be exact. In that time we have created relationships with all the major UK merchant services providers. That’s why, not only can we supply your card machines, we can get you a great deal on your transaction fees too!

No hidden fees

You won't pay anything extra

Free tech support

We're here to help

3 000 000

Transactions processed

24 hours

To setup online payments

Other payments methods


Take payments at the till


Take payments at the table


Take payments wherever you go

Powered by DNA Payments
We have teamed up with another part of our ecosystem in order to get you set up to be able to accept payments online. Through the DNA Payments e-commerce platform, integrated directly into your own website, you will be able to accept card payments and keep your business running