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Supporting UK Businesses With Free Payment Health Checks

2 MIN READ 16th September 2019

Running a business can be a major undertaking. From stock management to hiring, website design to accounting, the demands on your time never seem to recede. That’s why payments are often treated as an afterthought — despite being a vital prerequisite for success in any business. This leaves many firms trapped in agreements with their merchant services providers that aren’t delivering enough value for the company or include hidden charges.

That’s why we created the 123 Health Check: designed to scour the market to ensure you’re on the best possible rates.

Tough times

Trading is tough for the UK’s retail, services and hospitality businesses. Continued Brexit-related uncertainty and macro-economic headwinds threaten to stifle growth. That makes every penny count for small business owners. But merchant services providers (MSPs) can vary hugely in terms of their charges and fees.

It’s not always easy even working out how much you’re paying each month: complex price plans can include terminal hire, merchant service charges, minimum monthly service charges, authorisation fees, payment gateway fees, PCI compliance costs and much more besides.

As easy as 1-2-3

That’s where our no obligation 123 Health Check comes in. We’ll review your merchant services statements to point out any unnecessary charges and then shop around for the best deal for your business. Because 123Send is an independent operator we can trawl the entire market for the best possible offerings, unlocking savings and special offers that others may not be able to find.

We’ll offer the best terminals on the market, flexible contract options whether you want long or short-term, and hassle-free switching. You could save up to 30% on your current payment provider contract. So get in touch today and let’s start growing your business together.


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