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Contactless Limit Raised To £30 As Card Use Increases

1 MIN READ 28th August 2015
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From the 1st September 2015, the limit for contactless cards will increase from £20 to £30. This move follows a huge rise in the number of people using contactless cards.

In June Visa Europe stated that more than one billion contactless transactions were made in 2014, with the UK leading Europe in the number of issued Visa contactless cards. It is believed that this new higher limit will bring more retailers’ average shop or individual items into range for contactless cards and should also drive higher acceptance rates.

In order to accept £30 contactless transactions, your terminal will need to complete a software upgrade via download. These downloads will happen automatically between the 1st September and the 1st October, however, should you wish to be able to accept higher value transactions sooner, you can manually prompt your terminal to pick up these changes. This can be done by completing a download from our Terminal Management System, instructions on how to do this can be found here.


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