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123Send / 123Hire
120 Leman St
E1 8EU


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0800 54 23 123



123 Support

We believe payments should be pain free, that’s why 123Send is always here to support you. We will hold your hand until you’re fully set up and if anything happens after your initial set up, our UK-based support desk is ready to help 364 days a year. We also have a range of handy user guides, videos and FAQs to help you.


Refer a Friend and Earn £50!

Do you know someone in business who is thinking about taking credit and debit card payments or someone you think could benefit from better rates?

Well, if you recommend us to them and they become our customer, you could earn £50 per referral and they could benefit from extra incentives. Refer a friend today. What’s not to like?

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You can view our privacy policy here.